Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Post

Alright, here's my first post on this blog.  I've had a few other blogs, and I'm fairly intermittent in my writing (hence the name); I decided not to move any of those previous posts for two reasons - 1) Probably not worth the effort and 2) it likely would have been a lot of effort.

I'm hoping to use this as a possibly temporary website -- I was hosting at webhost4life but a couple years ago they changed everything up and ever since then I just haven't been comfortable with them.  I stayed with them for longer than I should have for no good reason.  Part of the reason I went with them was because they could host my .net applications (.net is what I use in my day job, so it was easiest), but after a few years I realized that I haven't really taken advantage of that.  So, I decided to go with a simple hosted blog, and blogger was free even with my own domain name, so that is where I now am.  We'll see how it goes for a while, and see how often I can get myself to post; If needed later on, I'll move to whatever else makes sense for me.

Anyway, that seems like enough for a first post.  Hopefully soon all the DNS updates and such will complete and I'll be able to see how everything ended up.

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